2 arrested for racist attack against Gambian in Rome

Rome, July 9 – Two Italians aged 45 sand 50 were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of carrying out a racist attack in Rome last month.
The Gambian national was attacked in the San Lorenzo district on June 17.
He was assaulted after entering a bar and asking for something to drink, police said.
The men allegedly assaulted him, kicking and punching him and shouting racist epithets, police said.
The arrests were carried out by DIGOS security police. The men are expected to be charged with grievous bodily harm.

The men were later named as Andrea Chilelli, 45, and Ivano Vitti, 50. They allegedly shouted at their victim “Monkey, sh**ty n**ger, get out of here we don’t want you here”, police said according to an eye witness’s account.

Source Ansa

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