Bala Jassey Denies Being Paid More Than Contract Amount

By Dawda Faye

The chief executive officer of Mobicell Company, Bala Jassey, has denied allegations by Amie Bensouda, lead counsel of the commission of inquiry looking at the financial activist of former President Yahya Jammeh, that he was paid more than the agreed contractual amount for work at the National Assembly.

Janneh Commission

Counsel Bensouda said although Mr Jassey agreed a contract of US$585,80 to provide maintenance services for the National Assembly, he was paid more than that by the former managing director of Gamtel, Baboucarr Sanyang.

Mr Jassey also denied charging US$35,000 for default payment.

He revealed that he had several meetings at the National Assembly before and after the contract and was invited by the National Assembly and Gamtel.

He admitted although the contract for work on the National Assembly, there was never a contract agreement between him and the National Assembly. He added that he has never communicated directly with the National Assembly.

When told by Counsel Bensouda that the National Assembly did not sign any document with him because they had no connection with his company, Mr Jassey responded that he sent the contract document to the National Assembly only after when Gamtel told him that it could not support the system.

Regarding the relationship between his company and MGI, Mr Jassey said his company carried out ICT projects for MGI and replaced the router at Gamtel on behalf of MGI.

Mr. Jassey testified that he did not do additional work at the Office of former President Jammeh. At this juncture, documents relating to the projects carried out on behalf of MGI and other relevant documents were tendered and admitted in evidence.

He added that he once submitted a project proposal costing US$995,000 to the Office of the President which was never carried out.

At this juncture, a letter written by Baboucarr Sanyang, former managing director of Gamtel, was shown to him, which states that his company had carry out some work at State House in 2012 costing US$316,469.

Mr Jassey confirmed that his company had carried out work at the office the former First Lady of the Gambia. He was reminded by Counsel Bensouda that he had a contract with the former government and there were documents showing payments relating to the contract

In response, he said those were payments made to him for the second phase of the contract.

When further put to him by Counsel Bensouda that he was instrumental in connecting MGI to the Gambia, Mr Jassey replied that he has never had a specific meeting with any secretary general.

When told by Bensouda that Njogu Bah, a former secretary general Office of the President had told the commission that he [Jassey] did accompanied MGI representatives to Kanilai, Mr replied that he was sent a letter by MGI office for him to attend the meeting in Kanilai but he never attended it.

Counsel Bensouda further asked him whether he was aware that MGI wanted to manage the international gateway of the Gambia, Mr Jassey said MGI was directly dealing with the Office of the former President.

Hearing continues.


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