Clash over caste leaves 2 injured at Koina

By Bekai Njie

At least two people have been reportedly wounded during a clash of the same tribe (Sarahuleh) over slave nobility status at Koina, Kantora District, URR.

Five people were arrested in connection with the matter, sources said.

Musa Krubally and Musa Ceesay who are regarded as ‘slaves’ were both reported to have sustained injuries and were admitted at the Koina Health Centre.

The accused: Ansumana Gumaneh, Banta Kebbeh, Morro Gumaneh, Muhammed Gumaneh, and Bahuray Touray were arrested in connection with the matter.

They were reported to have damaged three motorbikes and assaulted Musa Krubally and Musa Ceesay. They are currently detained at the Basse Police Station as investigations into the matter continue.

A source familiar with the issue and who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity said the fight ensued when one Ansumana Gumaneh believed to come from a noble clan met with Musa Krubally on the street and asked him whether he (Kruballys) would accept to be called as ‘slaves.’

The source added that this did not go well with Mr. Krubally. “He (Krubally) emphatically made it clear to Gumaneh that he is not a ‘slave’ and that no one should call him slave,” our source said, adding that a quarrel then broke out between the two in which Gumaneh took a stick and hit Krubally on his jaw resulting in injuries. All the five accused persons have been charged for common assault.

Recall: Last year August a tribal clash occurred in the same village were five people got injured.

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