Draft Constitution rejected because politicians were not given due consideration

By Binta Senghore

Dawda Jallow

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dawda Jallow, has said the 2020 draft Constitution of The Gambia was rejected by parliament because politicians whom he said are the deciding factors, were not given the required consideration in the constitutional process.

Speaking to the National Assembly human rights and constitutional matters committee yesterday in his office in Banjul, Minister Jallow had this to say “soon after the draft constitution was rejected, we realised one mistake which I am not blaming anybody for, but I think as a country, we focused too much on the document we wanted and we did not pay much attention to the process of how we get that document approved and that is the political process.”

Jallow added that “In as much as citizens or different stakeholders said they want so and so in the draft constitution, it is the politicians at the helm that will decide whether this constitution will see the light of day or not and we did not give them the required role and so we failed in the process,” Jallow said.

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