Ejected residents of Jabang pin their hope in faith as they seek help elsewhere

By Binta Senghore

Even as the recent demolition of homes is being processed, the residents of jabang are asking anyone including the government for help to shelter their displaced families.

One Lamin Khan a resident told The Digest News that he bought his land some years back, “after buying my land I went to the physical planning, made payment and came with their team to check the area if I can build a house in there, they never told me that it’s waterway instead they allow me to built my house and now they are destroying everything I worked hard for without notifying me”, Khan explained.

Another resident Musu Jallow has this to say “I was struggling really hard to provide a better living for my kids, until one of my sons travelled abroad and bought us a land in Jabang and built it then I and my children moved in and that’s the land that’s been demolished”, she said.

Musu appealed to the government particularly president Barrow to come to their aid and provide them with a land to relocate to.

“We know the president is a very good man and he will consider us because I voted for him”.

She further stated that she believes the heavy flood was because of the way the Alkalos keeps selling lands to people without considering the waterways.

Musu finally thanked The Digest News team for reaching out and disseminating the information to the public.

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