Faraba Report Indicates Culpable Shooting, Destruction

By Bekai Njie

The preliminary reviews of the report of the presidential investigation into the Faraba Banta upheaval that claimed lives have indicated a catalog of errors, The Standard reports on Tuesday.

According to officials, the report submitted to the president also points outs cases of culpable shooting and property destruction.

According to Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou, they ranged from lack of consultation, mistrust to lack of coordination among all stakeholders.

Tambadou was speaking at State House while the report was presented by the panel to President Adama Barrow. Mr. Tambadou said the report touches on very fundamental issues about the role and responsibilities of government departments such as the National Environment Agency, and other institutions including the National Assembly Select Committee on Environment.

Mr. Tambadou affirmed that he was confident that the report will set light on a number of burning issues and point the way to a more stable Gambia, given that the mandate of the commission included making recommendations on preventing the reoccurrence of similar incidents in other parts of the country.

“I can assure you that the president will review and publish this report in due course with a statement of action taken in accordance with the 1997 Constitution,” Minister Tambadou was quoted as saying by The Standard.

President Adama Barrow said the very existence of the commission demonstrates his government’s commitment to follow the required procedures to ensure justice prevails, as he received the said report.
He thus thanked the commissioners for a good job.

Emmanuel Daniel Joof, the head of the panel recalled that their mandate was to investigate the circumstances that led to the standoff between the villagers and the PIU, causes of death and injuries, who ordered the shooting, who carried out the shooting, those responsible for the destruction of properties and also provide recommendation to prevent any reoccurrence.

Mr. Joof further revealed that the report submitted to the president also indicates cases of culpabilities of shooting, destruction of properties, issues of licensing and recommendations for prosecution.

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