Gambia’s Islamic Court Gives Wife 24-hour Ultimatum To Pay Husband’s Money, Belongings

By Dawda Faye

A Gambian woman seeking to divorce her husband has been ordered to pay thousands of dalasis by an Islamic Court. Fatou Jawo is given 24 hours to pay D79,000, and other properties by Cadi Sarr of the Kanifing Islamic Court.  This verdict followed a divorce suit filed by Fatou Jawo against her husband.

According to court sources, Sheikh Ahmat Ceesay gave Fatou  Jawo D50,000 for her mother, a car, D29,000 to buy a laptop, a goat and a sheep for her relatives when her husband was courting her. However, she filed a divorce to terminate the marriage.

In his judgment, Cadi Sarr pronounced before the court that the plaintiff, Fatou  Jawo, should pay her husband Sheikh Ahmat Ceesay all the monies he spent on her within 24 hours, because he Ceesay had never had any sexual affairs with her since they married. Consequently, she was detained for her to pay the said monies.

The courtroom was full to capacity. People had to stand on the corridor to watch the court proceedings. At the end of the judgment, there was commotion outside, as people were giving their own opinions on the judgment.

The Police Intervention Unit officers had to disperse the crowd, who were asked to leave the court premises. The moment they went out, the gate was locked up, but they kept shouting outside the court. They were later chased but they returned to their positions, waiting for Fatou Jawo to boo her.

Fatou was later seen coming towards a car parked atg the court premises. As soon as the crowd saw her, they started shouting at her.  She was escorted into the car, and the moment the gate was opened and the car passed by, the crowd started booing her while chasing the car. Some were taking pictures on their mobile phones.


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