Manding Entertainment Organised A Goudi Jongoma In Grand Style

By Sarata Jabbi

Culture is regarded as one’s identity, believe or way of life. People that believed in or have high regards for their culture, are always proud to practice it regardless of where they live. Gambians are not an exception to this, as they have illustrated the love they have their within the various cities they resides in England.

Last night the Birmingham based Gambians attended a cultural night called Goudi Jongoma meaning (the night for the young women) at Diamond Suite in Alum Rock Birmingham, organised by Manding Entertainment. In an exclusive interview with the CEO of Manding Entertainment, Mr. Fabakary Touray has this to say, ‘Manding Entertainment was founded in 2013 by my humble self and the motive behind it is to bring Senegambians together through cultural festivities in a form of music and entertainment, as well as to empower women, and to allow our younger generation to learn and know their root’.

Mr Touray added that since the inception of Manding Entertainment, numerous issues such as linking Gambians together as a family, building relationship with younger people, and promoting women’s group has been achieved. ‘In any of our events we make sure we give other organisations the opportunity to use our platform to promote themselves; this we believe is a good way of supporting each other.

The Goudi Jongma according to Mr Touray was all about creating a conducive space for women to gather and enjoy themselves with beautiful Gambian and Senegalese culture, share thoughts on how to become good women in their homes as well as promoting peace, unity and everlasting friendships among themselves.

Touray finally called on all Gambians in England to unite and support each other and value their culture as culture he emphasized, defines who an individual is. ‘Culture is quite important as such whenever there is a cultural event people should try and attend it, and be ready to stand by each other and render a genuine support’.

Manding Entertainment is here for everyone and we will do our utmost best to keep you all entertained. We actually intending to expand our activities to other parts of England, however due to financial constraints this is still impossible, Touray explained.


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