Mother shares Last Words Of Fallen Son At Faraba Banta Incident

By Bekai Njie

She speaks in tears as she shares the last words spoken by Ismaila Bah, one of the three victims of the Faraba incident.

Fatou Bah has revealed the last words of her son who was laid dying after being shot by a gun as the villagers of Faraba clashed with the personnel of Police Intervention Unit (PIU).

Mrs. Bah, who was deeply mourning Ismaila’s demise, narrated the story, describing her son as “brave and fruitful.”

She said: “When he was hit by the bullet he said if I die, I died for jihad, if I die, I died for the village, if I die, I died for the country because I am a citizen of this country.”

Mrs. Bah accepts the incident as the will of God but it saddens and pains her to lose one of her three sons.

“It is very painful,” she said. “I have only three sons and the other one is a small child. It was Ismail and his elder brother who should have taken care of us but if he is not here, only one person has to take care of the family,” the grieved mother said. “It is only Allah Whom Oneness suits but human beings do not want that. I am very much grieved and going through agony but I leave it in the Hands of Allah Who decides it.”

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