NGO urges gov’t to close Anti Crime Unit

By Bekai Njie

Team Gom Sa Bopa, a youth empowerment Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to raising awareness among young people has called on government to temporally close Anti Crime Unit – a component of The Gambia Police Force following the deaths of UTG student Kebba Secka and Ousman Darboe, a vendor at Serrekunda market.

At a press conference on Tuesday 29 July, 2019, the movement outlined series of demand including the resignation of the Interior minister and the police chief.

That movement that engages young people, artists and influencers to play an active role in Civic Education so as to be local community and national watchdogs of the country, especially over leaders and public officials in charge of developing The Gambia, has had their demands president by President Ali Cham, commonly called Killa Ace.

They also demanded government to restore confidence in the security sector by suspending all security personnel the confess to gross human rights violations at the Truth,Reconciliation and Reparations Commission pending investigation.

“Gambian taxpayers cannot afford to reward human rights violators with monthly salaries,” Mr. Cham stated.

They also demanded government to collaborate with Civil Society to immediately implement meaningful security sector reforms to restore confidence in the security sector.

The movement finally urged government to collaborate with more proactive National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence and National Security to implement urgent changes that will protect lives of people in The Gambia.

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