Press Release: 9 Permanent Secretaries Redeployed

Consistent with its philosophy to foster growth and promote rapid and efficient delivery of resources within all sectors of governance, The Gambia Government acting on Executive Advisory, has redeployed nine (9) Permanent Secretaries. The redeployment immediately, affects the Permanent Secretaries of the following ministries:

  1. Mr. Lamin Camara, Permanent Secretary (PS) Agriculture moves to Ministry of Petroleum & Energy;
  2. Mr. Mod K. Ceesay, PS Ministry of Trade & Employment moves to the Ministry of Transport, Works & Infrastructure;
  3. Ms. Ndey Marie Njie, PS Ministry of Youth & Sports moves to the Ministry of Defence under the purview of the Presidency. Ms. Ndey Njie replaces Dr. Cherno Omar Barry who moves to the Human Rights Commission on Secondment.
  4. Mrs. Mariama Ndure Njie, PS Ministry of Transport moves to the Ministry of Youth & Sports;
  5. Mr. Lamin Camara, PS Ministry of Petroleum & Energy moves to the Ministry of Agriculture;
  6. Mr. Pateh Jah, PS Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources moves to the Trade & Employment ministry.
  7. Mr. Saikou Sanyang, PS Ministry of Lands & Regional Government, moves to The Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources; and
  8. Mr. Assan Jallow, PS Ministry of Agriculture, moves to The Ministry of Lands& Regional Government.With this redeployment, The Gambia Government envisages a more productive and efficient Civil Service administration which is the bedrock of our development aspirations anchored in the National Development Plan.


    EG Sankareh

    Ebrima G. Sankareh


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