Seven villages in CRR stagger under a deluge

By Sarjo Bah

Even as farmers across the nation are laboriously working in their fields at the height of the rainy season, some are contending with the hope of getting themselves on track after a recent deluge hit seven villages in the central river region putting a strain on food and free movement of people and services.

The National Assembly member for Lower Fulladu West in the central river region, Gibbi Mballow remains hopeful about the encouraging support he’s getting, but is worried about the outbreak of diseases following reports of floods overrunning wells, road network and residential compounds. The affected villages are; Njoben, Sare Babou,Sare Yero Tacko, Sare Yewtu,  Allulai, Sare Adama and Taifa.

In what is being perceived as  his first major test of his mettle as new leader, the NPP lawmaker has launched a passionate plea for assistance, and has also been getting real time updates on the impact of the deluge on the affected communities.  In an audio message he sent to a light minded whatsapp group affiliated to  his constituency, Mballow disclosed that he visited the communities on Friday, pointing out that so far he’s been getting positive feedback and substantial support in the form of logistics for the deluge-hit communities.

“While I was visiting Sare Babou, a friend of mine donated fifty bags of cement, so that they can help fix the road network, because the network is in a bad shape’’ the lower Fulladu NAM said.

The new lawmaker has started on a strong footing since his mandate began in April. So far, Mballow has decided to adopt an open-door policy by embracing experts to tap from them on what steps to navigate in bringing much needed changes in the constituency during his term in office. It may be too early to judge, however, a lot of people in lower Fulladu west believe the new NAM is poised to succeed if he doesn’t derail.

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