Woman Allegedly Thrown From a Storey Building

By Dawda Faye

Adama Ceesay said before Magistrate Joof of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court that one Sulayman Ngum, with whom she had an affair, threw her from a storey building when he refused to pay her the amount they agreed on for having an affair with her.

Testifying before the court, she said that she met Sulayman Ngum, the accused, at Britania. She went on to say that she discussed with him to have an affair, further stating that they agreed that after having an affair, he should pay her D5,000.

She told the court that they went together to a storey building and had an affair, and after they made love, the accused decided to pay her D500, instead of D5,000. She disclosed that she told him that this was not the agreement, and there was an argument between them.

She adduced that the accused insisted that he would only pay her D500 and not D5,000, adding that the accused held her by her collar and starting pushing her on the stairs. She testified further that she started shouting and he covered her mouth.

She disclosed that the accused took her upstairs, put her on his shoulders and threw her on a fence and got her left hip dislocated.

Under cross-examination by the defence counsel, Lawyer Kijera asked her whether she had a contract with the accused. She then responded in the positive. He again asked her what the contract was, and she stated that it was to make love, which she honoured.

At this juncture, the case was adjourned to the 31st December, 2018, for continuation of cross-examination by the defence counsel.

Prosecutors alleged that the accused, Sulayman Ngum, on or about the 29th November, 2018, at Kololi, in the Kanifing Municipality of the Republic of The Gambia, unlawfully assaulted the complainant, Adama Ceesay, by beating and throwing her from a storey building, causing the dislocation of her left hip, and thereby causing her grievous bodily harm.

However, the accused, Sulayman Ngum, denied any wrongdoing. He was subsequently granted bail in the sum of D50,000 with a Gambian surety, who should deposit his ID card with the court registrar.

Sergeant 2717 Jallow represented the Inspector General of Police.        


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