AL group accused of embezzling over a million Dalasis from Gambians

By Ya Ousainou Darboe

AL group multi-media company, has been alleged of scamming hundreds of Gambians including students earlier this week.

The company which is said to be located at Latri Kunda Sabiji is an online investment platform where money is invested by people from 3000 – 28,000 dalasis. The investment has different levels and stages.

Chaos uproar on social media earlier today when victims made an alert about the disappearance of their “investment “ by the said company.

Venting his frustration, a victim commented on their WhatsApp group “ Allahu Akbar! I’m dead! My UTG tuition fee is what I used and I haven’t withdrawn anything yet”

Another victim urged his fellow victims to stage a peaceful demonstration. “ Don’t you guys think we should set up a date for a peaceful demonstration to be heard… maybe the government will compensate us”.

Two weeks back, another similar investment platform called WishM also disappeared with millions of Dalasis from Gambians.

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