Cross examination of PW3 in the alleged murder of two police officers

By Ya Ousainou Darboe

Banjul High Court

Prosecution witness (PW3) Mama Jabbi in the allege murder of two police officers at Sukuta-Jabang traffic lights incident, was earlier today cross examined by Counsel Darboe before Justice Jaiteh of Banjul High Courts.

Below is the full cross examination:

Counsel Darboe asked PW3 to confirm that she had two phones. PW3 Mama Jabbi answered in affirmative.

Counsel Darboe further asked PW3 if she knew the phone numbers? She replied in the negative.

Then Counsel Darboe: “If I give your numbers to you, will you be able to recognize them?” PW3 replied in the affirmative.

Counsel Darboe then read out her Qcell number and PW3 confirms that is her WhatsApp number.

Counsel Darboe further read out another number and asked PW3 if that’s her africell number?

“Right now I don’t memorize it anymore but I know the Qcell as it’s my WhatsApp,”replied PW3.

Counsel Darboe: How long have you had your Africell number?

PW3: It’s been awhile

Counsel Darboe: Will that be months or years since you had the Africell number?

PW3: I forgot about it

“What nationality are you,” asked Counsel Darboe.

PW3 replied that she is a Guinean but got married to a Gambian and had kids that are Gambians so she considered herself Gambian.

Counsel Darboe: Was the chief De garage, invited by the Senegalese police to give a statement ?

PW3: Am not aware

Counsel Darboe: Apart from yourself, are you aware of anyone else being invited by the Senegalese police to give a statement?

PW3: I don’t know

Counsel Darboe: Who did you speak to when you called the Senegalese police?

PW3: The police officer that is there. The one I have his number.

Counsel Darboe: Do you have that number?

PW3: Am not having it right now

Counsel Darboe further asked whether PW3 take a photo and audio of the first accused person Ousainou Bojang?

“I took his audio and photo but the phone that has his audio got broken,” PW3 stated.

Counsel Darboe: But you said you removed the SIM card from the phone, just the sim but nothing it wrong with the phone. You just removed the sim because they insult you.

PW3: One phone got broken, the other phone that has his picture I removed the SIM card.

Counsel Darboe: So you removed the sim from the Qcell phone is that correct?

PW3: Yes that’s true

“That is from the Qcell phone,” Counsel Darboe reiterated.

PW3: Yes

Counsel Darboe went on to asked PW3 Musa Camara was?

PW3 replied that he’s here in The Gambia and working at GRA

Counsel Darboe: Do you know his mother ?

PW3: No

Counsel Darboe: Do you know his relationship with the president of The Gambia?

PW3: No I don’t know

Counsel Darboe: So can you tell the court why you decided to call Musa Camara instead of other people?

PW3: Because he’s the one I know from the police. And I was having his number.

Counsel Darboe: But you said Musa was working at GRA?

PW3: That is where I know him from.

Counsel Darboe: How many times did you see Musa Camara for the past 6months?

PW3 disclosed that she met Musa once and when she called him then they came back from Jululung to The Gambia together that was the day she last met him.

Counsel Darboe: Did you travel out of the country in the month of August in 2023?

PW3: Yes I traveled out of this county during the rainy season

Counsel Darboe: Where did you go to?

PW3: I went to Dakar from there I went to Jululung

Counsel Darboe: When did you arrive at Jululung?

PW3: I can’t remember

Counsel Darboe:  How long did you stay in Jululung before meeting the first accused person Ousainou Bojang

PW3: I went to Jululung early morning on Tuesday and Ousainou came there on Wednesday.

Counsel Darboe:  How long did you spent in Dakar?

PW3: I spent some time there

Counsel Darboe: Were you there for a month or two months?

PW3: No

Counsel Darboe:  So you didn’t spent a month there?

PW3: No

“Did anybody pay you a reward for capturing Ousainou Bojang,” Counsel Darboe asked.

PW3: Nobody paid me anything. I took an oath, nobody gave me anything to capture Ousainou Bojang.

Counsel Darboe:  Do you know where Ousainou was handed over to the Gambian police?

PW3: At the boarder

Counsel Darboe:  Where is the border?

PW3: From Jululung to Siliti border

Counsel Darboe:  Do you own a home in Jululung?

PW3: No, I went to my friends house

Counsel Darboe:  Who is your friend?

PW3: Yaye  Faal

Counsel Darboe:  Was Yaye Faal there when Ousainou came to you?

PW3: She was cooking and I was talking on the phone

Counsel Darboe further asked whether PW3 was aware of the president’s pledge of giving a reward of 1 million Dalasis to anybody that capture Ousainou Bojang?

PW3 said she wasn’t around and not aware.

Counsel Darboe:  When did you be come aware of the shooting at Traffic light?

PW3: On Wednesday, that’s the day I knew it.

Counsel Darboe:  Do you recalled the time?

PW3: 2pm. The time Ousainou arrived at Jululung

Counsel Darboe:  So when did Ousainou Bojang arrived?

PW3: At 2pm he first went to the garage, they are the one that directed him to me.

Counsel Darboe:  Was it 2pm that the accused person entered your compound?

PW3: The time he got to me was 2pm

Counsel Darboe: So who came to take him from your compound?

PW3: Jululung police

Counsel Darboe:  Did your friend Yaye Faal gave statement to the police?

PW3: Am not aware

Counsel Darboe:  Did you recalled what time you called Musa Camara?

PW3: After calling the Jululung police till they came after him, that’s when I called Musa Camara to inform him that the killer is here with me.

Counsel Darboe:  When Ousainou Bojang was telling you that he killed the police was Yaye Faal there?

PW3: Yes

Counsel Darboe:  What language were you speaking with Ousainou Bojang?

PW3: Mandinka

At this juncture, Counsel Darboe applied for the court to issue an order to Africell and Qcell to give the phone log of PW3. Case adjourned to 28th November 2023 at 14:15.

AN Yusuph appeared for the state, Council Darboe appeared for the first accused person Ousainou Bojang and LK Mboge appeared for the second accused person.

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