UK based Gambian Publishes Book

Mr. Amadou Dibba, a Gambian based in The United Kingdom has published a Book titled “Native Warrior“.

Officially published on 2nd March 2024 on Amazon, the book is a 246-page-book focusing on the lack of industrial development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Senegambia in particular.

Reacting to this development, Mr. Dibba said  one part of the story of the deals with the challenges of establishing  internationally competitive industries. He said the book is a fiction, adding that the protagonist is a Gambia who lived in the UK and went through the challenges faced by a regular migrant.

“Indeed, it is a great initiative. Besides, it took me some years to write this book. The book focuses on the realities impacting on our economic development,“ he remarked.

Mr. Dibba highlighted the desire to focus minds on industrial development, adding that Africa and Senegambia needs to promote industrial development.

He thanked God for giving him the knowledge, wisdom and strength to write the book. He also thanked his family for the patience and support accorded to him during this period.

The book is available on Amazon via this link:

 About the Author

The Author is a Gambian and a graduate of International Relations, from Aston University, based in The United Kingdom. Mr. Dibba is an independent Researcher and builds special interest in the challenges surrounding industrial development in West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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