Interior minister: Nobody gives order for shooting in Faraba

By Bekai Njie

The Minister of the Interior, Ebrima Mballow, has said that nobody was given order to shoot protesters in Faraba Bantan village with life bullets.

Interior Minister Mballow

Mr. Mballow’s comments came in the wake of the Faraba Bantan incident which claimed the life of two young men, with many others injured as the community clashed with laws enforcers on Monday.

Mr. Mballow was speaking yesterday during an interview with reporters shortly after he was summoned by deputies in closed-door meeting at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

He further said that their meeting with the lawmakers was to ensure that they come together to put things under control as well as looking for a way forward with regard to the Faraba incident.

“If the commission found anyone guilty of the Faraba incident, he/she will face full force of the law. Nobody will ever give command to people, and that is why we and the Gambian people decided to change the government,” he said.

According to him, they have so far arrested some officers and the investigation is ongoing. He thus urged everybody to be law-abiding, saying that the police are not here to harass people but instead give security.


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