By Sanna Tambedou

For any serious government to make any tangible gyration to uplifting the life of its citizenry, some key resolutions must be made as matters of priority. Single among many is that inspiring urge to showcase the beauty and sanity of the environment particularly public areas. 

My recent walk about in several places in Serrekunda and the suburbs informs me how much is at stake for the country to get eye-catching infrastructural development as we often see in other countries in the subregion and beyond.
It’s rather unfortunate that our governments, past and present, have not prioritized as a national blueprint to making sure certain valued areas must not be left to the wimps and caprices of any Tom Dick and Harry to erect any structure for whatever reason.
It’s time that the government comes up with a resolution with regards this if we want to be respected by our neighbours and beyond.
I know there can be lot of legal obstacles but with the right approaches a lot could be done. If one takes a quick survey of the Gambia in comparison to or with any country within the subregion it wouldn’t be difficult to conclude that our Smiling Coast, so called, is in fact mirthlessly grinning instead of genuine smile that radiates the real joy of the people. With bucolic structures everywhere, written off vehicles abandoned by the owners on our major highways and host of other anomalies, one would have questioned if we have different meaning to the word “SMILING” because we have nothing to smile about.
I reiterate the government must take it as a national duty, either by carrot or stick, cajolement or overt coercion to sanitize our streets. Other countries have done same and today they are the most respected countries attracting investors all over the world. Take for instant, Rwanda, a country battered by war some 25years ago is a like a Phoenix arising from the cesspool of her recent carnage. tbc

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