Windstorm kills three in URR

By Bekai Njie

At least three people have been reported dead after aheavy windstorm struck in the country’s farthest region ofUpper River Region (URR). It also displaces more than1247.

Fifty-six others have been reported injured in both URR and Central River Region (CRR).  

The people reported dead were from Taibatou in Wulli West District, Sare Musa in the Jimara District and Bajonkoto in the Wulli East District.

Among those reported injured, 48 people are from URR, while eight others are from two communities in the Central River Region (CRR).

The regional disaster management coordinator in URR, Hudul Colley, confirmed the development to our reporter, describing the incident as ‘unfortunate.

He added that among the three killed is a child. He said they were hit by collapsed mud blocks as a result of the heavy windstorm.

“Rapid assessment was conducted by The Gambia Red Cross, URR Branch and the Regional Disaster Management Office,” he said. “I can tell you that currently about 1248 people are displaced as a result of the heavy windstorms. In fact, the figures may rise,” he added.

The 1248 displaced people, he added, are from 10 communities in URR that reported the incident to their office.  “So we are expecting nothing less than three times of the figure of the displaced people that we received currently.”

Babucarr Fofana, disaster management coordinator in CRR, said five Madarasa students at Galleh Manda sustained minor injuries, while three others from Sololo village also sustained injuries.

“The Mdarasa students were inside a house when the windstorm strikes. The mud blocks that fell down hit the students, while at Sololo, the mud-house fell down on the injured individuals.”

“Rapid assessment conducted by the response team in CRR indicates that Galleh Manda, Sololo, Pachar, Yerro Beri Kunda, Sare Soffie, Sinchang Faramba, Dobong Kunda and Janjangbureh were the communities hit by the windstorm.

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