Interview With Founder And CEO Of Dream Party Crown And Fashion

By Sarata Jabbi

Amie Jarjue is a Gambian UK base, who lives in Nuneaton. She is a highly determine lady who believes in hard work, caring and sharing with others. Amie is a graduate in health and social care; she manages two care homes, and her own business Dream Party Crown and Fashion Décor. Read more about Amie and how she started her business.

Gamdigest: Tell us about yourself.

Amie: I’m Miss Amie Jarjue, founder and CEO for Dream Party Crown and Fashion Decor. I’m a wife and a mum of three boys, to be precise.

Gamdigest: As the founder of Dream Party Crown and Fashion could you kindly tell us when and why was it formed?

Amie: Dream Party was formed in 2014 with the support of my two friends namely Fatou Sanneh and Haddy Manneh. Basically the purpose of it is to support my own charity called 3pleMission which I started in the Gambia some years back. The aim of this charity is to sponsor students from poor family background to complete their studies, supply hospitals with baby clothes, baby food, bed sheets, bed net etc, as well as supporting people in need where possible.

Gamdigest: How often do you do decorate?

Amie: This depends on the time of the year, for instance in summer there seems to be more functions so we usually have business/order every week unlike winter when things are quiet we sometimes have one or two functions in a month.

Gamdigest: What are your mission/ vision?

Amie: Is to help the poor and the needy particularly young girls. I want to render support to young people who are willing to learn but lack support, I want to empower, help them to achieve their dreams as well as put smiles on their faces.

Gamdigest: Apart from decorating what other business are you involved in?

Amie: Actually I am a manager at two care homes, that’s my full time job. I am into hair dressing, make-up, and catering as part time job.

Gamdigest: Who are your customers?

Amie: Our customers are not limited to one nationality or race. However our main customers/clients are Gambians and Senegalese, but we do have orders from Asia and Somali communities too.

Gamdigest: What achievements have you had so far?

Amie: Since the inception of Dream Party, we’ve been highly accepted by our Gambian community as such we have lots of customers and supporters among them. Although things sometimes don’t turn out the way we want it but I must say we are really grateful to our people for their loyalty and this I believe is a great success.

Gamdigest: It is obvious that in any work area there must be some challenges. What sorts of challenges have you/are you encountering?

Amie: Our barriers in business are sometimes about time. For instance when we have less time to set up the venue than the required time. Sometimes when we have a large package which requires between 3-4 hours set up and we only have 1-2 hours to make it happen the pressure is usually high but we still have to ensure we deliver best quality of service. The other thing is hiring van – we don’t own one which means we always have to hire a van for our functions where needed and prices for hiring can be very high and we can’t charge our customers high and in that case we don’t make profit.

Gamdigest: Any message for the younger generation particularly young ladies?

Amie: Everyone has a dream and it’s achievable provided that you work hard for it. No matter what your family background. All you need is to focus on what you want and with determination you can do it. My life was full of difficult moments but I always think of the solutions to resolve the problems and move on to the next level instead of feeling sorry for myself. You just have to find the strength in you and chase your dream one day it will become a reality, if I can do it I believe everyone too will do.

Gamdigest: Thank you for your time

Amie: It’s a pleasure.



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