GMC Warns Jammeh’s Securities Over The Current Uprising In The Gambia

As the standoff continues in the Gambia pressure is mounting on president Jammeh after a series of unprecedented opposition protests demanding an end to his ruling.

The opposition Fatty warned people perpetuating President Yahya Jammeh’s grip on power that change is inevitable in the West African state and they would be held accountable for their deeds.

Jammeh being accused by his critics for being one of the worst dictators in Africa, on Thursday May 12, 2016 members of the European Parliament passed a resolution which called on member state to consider imposing a travel ban or other targeted sanctions on officials responsible for serious human rights abuses in the Gambia.

However in a bid to continue to hang on to power, president Jammeh accused the protesters of trying to destabilise the Gambia and report has it that he ordered security officers to crackdown on street protest.

And as the clash persist, the GMC leader has expressed optimism that Gambians will emerged victorious over the regime.

The Gambia shall not kneel down but many shall kneel before her,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Those who operate against our quest for dignity and liberty, and feel secure in their anonymity, should begin scouting for adopted countries now”.

Mr. Fatty added that there shall be no barrier to accountability when swift and summary justice inevitably comes. “Even the walls will speak to expose you. The New Gambia shall have no place for economic chameleons and political prostitutes.”

President Jammeh has been in power since 1994 and has vowed to rule the Gambia for a billion years.


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