Another UDP member died under state custody

Report reaching the Gambia Digest has it that another United Democracy Party (UDP) member has died in Gambia’s notorious prison Mile two barely three months after his arrest.

Father of nine Mr. Solo Krummah is believed to have died on Saturday at Edward Francis’s Small Hospital in country’s capital Banjul after going through an undisclosed sickness. His family according to our source are yet to be informed. Krummah of Sandu Darsilameh village, Upper River Region was arrested in May for protesting against the unlawful arrest and detention of his party executive member Ebrima Solo Sandeng.  This is the second dead case that involved the UPD members since April after the state began its crackdown on the UPD party.

According to the deputy party leader and secretary-general Aji  Mariama Secka, the circumstances surrounding Krummah’s medical condition leading to his admission and the subsequent actions undertaken by his jailers remain unknown to immediate family and the party members as both were repeatedly denied access to him throughout his stay in state custody.

Sources has it that during his period of admission at the hospital Krummah was denied visits and food from family members, as there were soldiers and prison guards. Neither the family neither the family.

The legal representatives are trying to determine the exact cause of Mr. Krummah’s death as well as make affirmative demands for the state to immediately and unconditionally surrender his body his native.

Until his death, Krummah was the UDP deputy chairman in Sandu Constituency and headed the party in his village.

UDP meanwhile disclosed that the UDP members who are languishing in detention protest against the regime of President Yahya Jammbeh are in need of urgent medical support as a result of severe torture that was impose on them after their arrest by security official.


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