Two Gambian Parliamentary members involved in a fatal accident.

Two National Assembly Members on Monday around mid-day were involved in a car accident between Denton bridge and the central prison in Banjul.

One of the cars
Photo Credit: Facebook

According to an eye witness the accident happened when the cars of Hon Baba Galleh Jallow of Sanementering  and Hon Saikou Jarju of Busumbala collided as the former tried to overtake the latter.

Police have confirmed that two people had lost their lives and 36 left with serious injuries.

The Public Relations Officer of Edward Francis Teaching Hospital in Banjul, Mr Lamin Jammeh, said “the accident was very serious as we have up to 36 people injured and two lost their lives. However we are trying as much as we can to provide them with quality health care.”

Families and friends were seen at the hospital premises worrying about the well-being of their loved ones.


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