I am Confident and Innocent of Receiving Bribes from Semlex-Ex Interior Minister Fatty

Mr. Mai Ahmad Fatty, the former Interior Minister who was accused of taking bribes from Semlex, a Belgian company, has urged the Gambian authorities to launch a thorough and independent investigation into his activities while in office.

Mai Ahmad Fatty
Photo Credit: Mai’s Facebook Page

Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) leader was accused by some Gambians of taking 15 million Dalasis from Semlex as inducement for his efforts to convince President Barrow to accept Semlex’s request to control 75% of a biometric national documents processing contract that was being negotiated.

In a Facebook post Mr. Fatty made on his page, he wrote: “I vehemently deny receiving any bribes from Semelex. The allegations are concocted and contain no fiber of truth.

The alleged meeting and sittings were all lies, with no foundation and I challenge them to prove me wrong.” Fatty suggested that the allegations of his receiving bribes are deliberate and malicious efforts by those intent on ruining his reputation, adding: “I am ready and willing to subject myself to the most expansive, thorough, independent investigation ever in the history of The Gambia on this matter. I am confident that I am innocent”.

It could recalled that Semlex in collaboration with Pristine were awarded a contract by the Gambia government to produce biometric national documents on a share percentage basis. Semlex is a Belgian company that is engaged in supplying secure identities and the production of added value documents.

Fatty finally said that he and his family take refuge in Allah as their strength and that he is grateful for the support and love shown by his supporters.


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