UNFPA conducts a drawing competition in two schools in CRR as a form of awareness raising

By Halimatou Ceesay

As part of the launching of Family Planning in Central River Region (CRR), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Tuesday conducts a drawing competition for students from Bansang and Janjanbureh

Students at art competition session


Speaking at the gathering Lamin Camara the Focal Person for communications, Adolescent and youth said the aim of the art work is to give students a greater understanding on family planning and to know what the myths and realities are so that they can be better engaged in their family situation.

“What we are trying to do this in order to reach out to as many people as possible by using different strategies, and one of the strategies we devises the use of art, this is to encourage people to express their understanding of the importance of Family Planning as well as what their ideal family would be in future”.

Camara added that some people have a wrong notions about Family planning, as such they think students’ involvement would enable the young people to have a better understanding on family planning issues. “Young people’s participation is very crucial as they would have a vast knowledge as they grow and would be more responsible with their family sizes and how to better enjoy family Well-being in the Future”.


“We are hoping that at the end of this program students will share the knowledge gained with families and friends as this could dispel myths, wrong notions on Family Planning and provide accurate information to people and support them to make informed choices”.

Camara explained that multiple approaches were use in this program to allow people to know their HIV/AIDS statues, cervical cancer screening among others and most importantly it helps women to know their sexual and reproductive health statues and rights.


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