Assan Martin: Candidates Should Campaign on Programs, desist from Voter Bribery

By Halimatou Ceesay

KMC Independent Mayoral Candidate Assan Martin has called on other Mayoral Candidates to campaign on their agenda and desist from voter bribery.

In an interview with this reporter the Human Rights Lawyer said he belong to an independent ticket, and do not have any intention to join any part. “I am contesting as independent for the reason being that majority of the voters have realized that party politics is not taking them anywhere, as such we believe that we have a radical agenda for KMC to fix KMC.”

Assan Martin

Martin added that they believe most voters are of the view that it has to be independent individual with good standing and credibility to fix the KM. “It is not those so called people who have character issues running here and there claiming that they can fix KMC but it has to take an honest bold leadership, effective and competent one that can fix KMC. This is why I am standing as an independent but the doors are open to work with any political party along those lines,” he said.

On his agenda and Plans for KM, Martin said he want to see KMC move forward and go to the next level as a city. Those agenda he elaborated includes dealing with corruption within KMC, reform the KMC and also lay the proper foundation that KMC needs in case a future leader comes in to make sure that the services and the resources are delivered to the people as of their rights.

“But again my radical agenda would have been that to also look at the bylaws to make sure that KMC resources are being ploughed back to the people, ensuring that the waste is been taken care of, as well as bringing job opportunities for people by involving in business. However we need a strong leadership that can look into all these issues and also with good experience to move the municipality forward.”

On the Bakoteh Dumpsite issue, Martin reveals that they do have plans; this is an issue affecting the municipality. We have a short term policy that we will put in place with the stakeholders and there will be long term policy as well.

“For short term policy we will make sure that the dumpsite is well taken care of that is in terms of separating the waste and looking at what we can do to make sure that the waste collected, we can move it to what they call a renewable energy or trying to make sure that the waste has to be moved to some other location. Our first immediate priority also is to make sure that something is being done about it.”

On the issue of candidates giving out material and financial assistance to the electorates in exchange for their votes, Martin said his campaign does not take that direction.

“I want to make sure that we educate the people as of their right. We are not into the endeavor of going anywhere trying to entice the voters with big promises. It is true that there are candidates running around, these are political vices and they need to stop. We need to make sure that we allow the voters to have their rights and to make a good choice as to what kind of leaders they need in their office,” explain Martin

Doing such things he said means voter bribery and these are things that we have to restrain from. Lawyer Martin advised candidates that it is very important that we campaign for our programs rather than going around town enticing the voters, telling them things we can’t do and also giving them money here and there.

Enticing the voters could be corrupt our political system. “My politics would be an honest one to deal with the voters and the voters get our messages and know that we are here for effective competent leadership to take care of their business and revenue to make sure we plough it back to them,” he said.

On sweeping the polls, Martin said he is confident and the people should look at the track record, competence, good leadership and the political sacrifices of the candidates when voting for them.

Martin finally called on all the electorates to avoid voting people for the sake of their relationship but for an effective competent leader who will serve their purpose in office.



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