Camouflage Wear Banned In Gambia

 The Gambian army is warning against importing and wearing camouflage or regalia resembling military uniforms by civilians and other various security agencies other than the armed forces. In a statement issued over the weekend, the Gambia National Army said it noted with  dismay the unauthorized importation and sale of military items such as uniforms, jackets, boots and caps by some individuals and businessmen.

It said some people who are not serving members of the Gambia Armed Forces are engaged in the indiscriminate use and in some instances abuse of the military camouflage, combat boots and caps in public.

The army expressed concern about this development and warned that if unchecked could be used by organized criminal gangs and unscrupulous individuals not only to impersonate members of the Armed Forces but also to perpetrate crimes within the community. It warned those involved to desist from the practice to avoid confusion and possible legal action.

While urging the police to enforce compliance with the directive, the army warned that it would not compromise on issues that have the potential to threaten national security.

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