UDP Nominates 19 Candidates For KM Councillorship Election

By Halimatou Ceesay

The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Thursday 15th March, 2018 nominates 19 candidates for Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC) councillorship in the upcoming local government election.


The various candidates were accompanied with a convoy filled with hundreds of UDP supporters, Parliamentarians, and the Mayoral Aspirant Talib Bensouda with different types of musical instruments as they watch their candidates take turn to present their credentials to the IEC Returning officer Lamin Cham.

The nominated candidates were Binta Janneh contesting Bakau Newtown ward, Lamin Dibba contesting Bakau Cape Point, Abba Gibba Manjaikunda ward, Lamin K. Jammeh Bakoteh Ward, Saikou Dampha Kololi ward, Momodou Drammeh Dippa Kunda ward, Ansumana Bayo Latrikunda Sabiji ward, Bashiru Sarr Kanifing South ward, Tobaski Sibi Bartez ward, Habib M.L Ceesay New Jeshwang/Ebo town ward, Musa Bah, Latrikunda Yiringanya, Lamin Darboe Borehole ward, Isatou Ceesay 6 junction, Junkung S.M Dukureh old jeshwang, Baba Jabbi and Alieu Sarjoe London corner.

Speaking to the waiting journalists after presenting their credentials, Binta Janneh from Bakau Newtown ward, “I know that when am elected I will put the interest of my people first. I will serve the people in developing Bakau Newtown. I will engage my people to know their problems particularly on the issue of roads, women’s gardening problems because I am a woman and I know what is happening in the ward. Men have been in these positions for so long and now it is time for women to also take part in nation building.”

Abba Gibba contesting Manjai Kotu ward, “my manifesto is social and economic development and Reconciliation. I will focus on reconciliation because I came from a ward that is highly divided due to political affiliation. I will help in reconciling the people of the ward to forget their tribal differences for the development of the ward.”

Lamin K. Jammeh Bakoteh ward said “I am contesting because I come from a community that suffers more than any other area of the country. I am from Bakoteh and the whole of KMC dump their waste at Bakoteh. Almost every 5 people living at Bakoteh is suffering from health related problems caused by the dumpsite. So my focus will be on that area. At borehole end when it rains at night, in the morning the children will not go to school because they cannot cross the stream.”

Saikou Dampha Kololi Ward said “in Kololi the youthful population is divided so I will put mechanisms in place to bring them under one umbrella for development to take place. I will love to take care of the refuse at Kololi because people are paying their rates so it should be used to give them development.”

Contesting for Dippa Kunda Ward, Momodou Drammeh said “I am here to represent my ward and I will make sure that all the promises that I gave are kept after the election. We have shortage of words and youth unemployment has to be tackled. I will also empower women of the ward through skills development.”

Jungkung S.M Dukureh Old Jeshwang ward said “I have plans of developing my ward and I am already a winner. I will work for the people in helping them develop. Water is one of our major problems, roads, street lights and I will make sure that it is addressed.”

Ansumana Bayo who contested for parliamentary election under NRP Ticket and now vying for councillorship under UDP ticket said “UDP is the party that Gambians have confidence in and they trust the party that is why I chose UDP. My reason is that I am a citizen of the Gambia and the development of the Gambian people is my concern. I am also concerned about the problems of Latrikunda Sabiji. I am fully prepared for the election and I have confidence that this time I will win the election.”

Bashiru Sarr contesting Kanifing South said “I chose the UDP because they are a party to be reckon with, humanitarian, sympathetic and they want development for this country. I will embark on youth and women empowerment, community development. The community needs development in terms of road, market and youth unemployment.”

Habib M.L Ceesay New Jeshwang/EboTown ward said “I am a UDP Militant that is why I am selected to contest is not just that UDP needed a candidate and I am selected. Newjeshwang/Ebo Town is faced with lots of problems including bad roads, street lights, among other issues. As a young person I will contribute to the development of the youth folk and address some of the issues they are faced with.”

Musa Bah contesting Latrikunda Yiringanya ward Said “I am a youth and I am backed by the youth so we are ready for a meaningful development. With the strong backing of the youth we are ready to achieve our goals and make a huge difference. “

Lamin Darboe contesting Borehold ward said “I am vying for this position to bring development to the door step of people in my area because in the past 22 years there is no development in my area. I want to bring street lights, infrastructure and many more.”

Baba Jabbi contesting Faji Kunda ward said “I was the UDP Chairman of Fajikunda and it is FajiKunda people who selected me to lead them in this election. The reason behind my selection is for the interest that I have for the country and for my ward. I want to lead them at the highest level. Fajikunda at the moment is a pity and I want to remove it from that state. The first thing I will start with is for Fajikunda to have market.”

Isatou Ceesay contesting 6 Junction ward said “we have been saying that we need changes and today we are trying to implement that changes. At least men have been in this position for quite a long time now so it is time for women to take over. I will do everything expected of a councilor under the act. As a woman, women are very important in my agenda because they go through a lot in our wards and I will work with them to develop the ward.”

Tobaski Sibi contesting Bartez ward said “I am vying for this position because the other councilors we have in my area they don’t normally do the job they are supposed to do. They do not collect our rates, roads are bad and no skill centre for the youths. I will fight for my ward because the local government act has decree that all the wards should have their rates back to develop the wards.”

Alieu Sarjoe contesting London corner ward said “I want to develop my area and London Corner is one of the poor area. It is my intention to develop the area because it is very terrible when it rains so I want to tackle it.”

Kebba Ngumbo Sima contesting Abuko ward said “this is a mere continuation and I was the only one who brought a school to Abuko since colonial days up to now. I was requested by the community to contest and lead them and that is why I am here today.”


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