Minority Leader Blames Gambia Gov’t Over ID Cards Shambles

By Bekai Njie

The Niamina Dankunku lawmaker and the minority leader of the National Assembly, Hon. Samba Jallow, has faulted the government for its failure to issue ID cards to citizens.

Hon. Samba Jallow

Speaking on Monday at the National Assembly, Hon. Jallow said it is demoralizing for a government after one year in office, yet unable to issue its citizens national identity cards.

He added that the issue of national ID card has become a nightmare for Gambians now.

“For me, I think the coalition government is not delivering up to expectation. Because these are minor issues that government can do for its citizen. It is very important for citizens to have their own country’s documents,” he argued.

He pointed out that Gambians are moving in and out of the country without carrying valid national IDs, noting that is not proper.

“Traveling with an ID card is not about identification alone but helps to also trace ones nationality.”

He called on the Justice Minister who was present at the National Assembly to explain to lawmakers about the status of the ID cards contract.


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