NAWEC MD Rubbishes Claims Over SENELEC Deal

Bekai Njie

The managing director of National Water and Electricity Water Company (NAWEC), Baba Fatajo, has rubbished claims that they could have made a better deal with other companies over SENELEC.

He said that the deal with SENELEC is in fact a better deal than any other deal.

Reports have shown that the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) gains over a million dalasi more; monthly after it had struck a deal with the Senegalese National Energy supplier (SENELEC).

At a press conference on Thursday, Mr. Fatajo had to clear the air on the matter, after reports had it that NAWEC’s SENELEC deal was not known to the public because it might to be a better deal.

“The invoices we are getting from this is ranging around 40MCFA which means we are paying an average of about 3.5 million dalasis to SENELEC monthly”, he said.  “Just few months back when we were using diesel, we were operating for 13hrs not 24hrs and on average what we use on only fuel not to talk of operational; cost was around D4.7M”.

Mr. Fatajo said the company used to pay this amount only on fuel, noting that the operational cost which includes spare parts and lubricants were excluded.

He justified the deal claiming people in some parts of the provinces are now enjoying 24hours electricity supply which is costing NAWEC D3.5M compared with 4.7M that used to cost NAWEC on fuel alone for only 13hrs electricity supply each month.

“I’ll challenged whoever said this is a bad deal to give us any documentary evidence of their assertions because we don’t have time to be arguing with so-called experts,” he said. “We are focused on solving the problems of the services that we render to our people.”

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