‘There Was Fraud In The Management Of The Gateway And GAMTEL’

By Dawda Faye

Lamin Camara, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, told the Janneh Commission that there was fraud in the management of the gateway and GAMTEL.

Janneh Commission

He appeared to shed light on the management of GAMTEL gateway contract between the international telecom companies and the government. He said that GAMTEL at the time was losing a lot of revenue from the proceeds of the gateway.

He testified that the gateway used to be managed by GAMTEL until 2006 when Global Voice Group contract was signed but later terminated, then came Spectrum which was also terminated before the contract was awarded to System 1, TELL and finally MGI which was managing the gateway until 2007.

Mr. Camara who was summoned in his capacity as the then Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information, recalled that when the visa license for the management of the gateway was revoked, GAMTEL used to exclusively manage the gateway.

He adduced that the role of the ministry at the time was to support GAMTEL for the agreement of visa license for the management of the gateway which he said was replaced.

Mr. Camara further testified that the payment by Spectrum regarding the sale of GAMTEL/GAMCEL shares to Spectrum was not determined at the level of the ministry.

Executive summon business evaluation prepared by PKF firm for GAMTEL/GAMCEL was tendered and admitted as an exhibit.

On the evaluation of the sale of GAMTEL/GAMCEL shares to Spectrum, he said the highest evaluation at the time was $161.2 million, noting that the ministry was also involved in the reverse decision by the government in the sale of the national telecom and its subsidiary company, GAMCEL.

He added that Mr. Ali Charari was the one behind TELL and Spectrum while system 1 is a Spanish- based company, noting that the said companies were not licensed at the time of managing the gateway.

“MGI had an issue with TELL and after the termination of TELL contract, MGI was contracted to manage the gateway,” Mr. Camara told the commission.

He testified that $ 2 million was deducted from the gateway proceeds by the Spectrum every month.

According to him, Gamtel at the time was not under the ministry of information and was under the office of the former president.

He further told the commission that all the staff of Gamtel were fighting for the termination of TELL company, noting that he was not aware of the projects of MGI at the time until he became part of the task force.

At this juncture, situational report on Gamtel prepared by the witness for the years 2007 to 2008 was tendered and admitted as evidence.

He further stated that a sum of $26 million was for projects done by MGI, adding that Gamcel billing system did not come to the board. He disclosed that MGI was under the office of the former president, disclosing that there was a letter from the said office that the gateway was under the office of the former president and anything relating to the gateway should be directed to the office of the former president.

At this juncture, Commissioner Saine asked the witness whether he could comfortably say that the government benefited from the gateway, and he answered in the positive.

He was further asked by Commissioner Saine whether there was anybody in the government who could have made informed choices. In response, he told the commission that he believed that if the management was not performing, then it needed a replacement.

At this juncture, Commissioner Saine again asked who the accounting executive to make a decision was. In response, he said that at the level of the office of the former president, it was the secretary general who handled such matters.

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