Building The New Gambia:The Police and Corruption

By Madi Jobarteh

It is indeed quite welcoming that The Gambia Police Force has decided to publicly combat corruption in its ranks! The public poster currently displayed by The Gambia Police Force now puts the responsibility on the general public to support the leadership of the GPF to end corruption in this noble Institution. Let us support them!

Madi Jobarteh

Let us set our cameras to take pictures and videos at checkpoints and police stations and in every place in our society to capture acts of corruption and then send the pictures and videos to the police.

For that matter the information on the poster is inadequate. The police should also include landline numbers, emails and names of units and officers so that citizens can call or send emails or visit them in order to share pictures, videos or narrate our stories.

Now that the police have shown the leadership and responsibility to combat corruption, it means citizens therefore have no one to blame if corruption still persists within our foremost law enforcement agency.

Let us report all acts of corruption and then monitor the police to see if they will take necessary action against officers who are caught in the act. If the GPF fails to act then we can now say they were only paying lip service to combatting corruption.

We know that in many African countries the police produce and display such billboards all over the country yet the Police remains even more corrupt. Let’s make The Gambia Police Force a different story.

Bravo to The Gambia Police Force. My camera is set!!!

For The Gambia Our Homeland


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