Doctors’ Strike Ends After Agreement With Gov’t

Bekai Njie

Gambian doctors have decided to put an end to a more than one month strike after they have struck an agreement with the government.

Ebrima Bah-GARD President

In a statement signed by the president of the Association of Resident Doctors (GARD), and its secretary general, it is agreed doctors “will no longer remain silent and watch innocent patients die.”

“We would also add that this is inconsistent with our sworn Hippocratic Oath which in summary says a doctor must do everything to ensure that his or her patients get the best services.”

The agreement was signed by Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, the GARD President Ebrima Bah and Dr. Basiru Gai representative of MDAG.

A part of the agreement reached between GARD and the government of The Gambia, is for the Ministry of Health to urgently address the essential drugs problems and medical supplies; poor working condition of health workers and report to the vice president, and also for the government to safeguard the rights of doctors by providing them with a conducive working environment, motivation and protection against retribution for their participation in the sit down strike of March 2018.

According to the agreement, the Ministry of Health should institute and effective communication strategy with the doctors to ensure understanding and cooperation that; the doctors appreciate the government’s commitment to mobilise strategy resources to implement its robust national reform agenda, including the health sector as contained in the National Development Plan.


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