NIA 9 Case: Witness Said They Were Beaten Like Donkeys And Thrown In PIU Truck

By Halimatou Ceesay

Kafu Bayo the 17th Prosecution witness and one of the detainees alongside the late Solo Sandeng today 28th May, 2018 before Justice Kumba Sillah of the Banjul High Court, disclosed that they were picked up, beaten like donkeys, and thrown in Police Intervention Unit’s  (PIU) truck.

Banjul High Court

Born in Tujereng in 1952, Bayo said he remembered the 14th day of April, 2014. “That very day we went out to show our anger that Gambia need change because the system was bad and the people were in hardship. It was me, Solo Sandeng, Ebrima Jabang, Modou Ngum, Nogoi Njie, Fatou Camara and Fatoumata Jawara,” he said.

He said that they gathered at Bambo in Serrekunda around Tippa Garage and went to Westfield. He said upon their arrival at Westfield they were standing saying they need Political reform, and wants the opening of the Senegambia border. There were many people at Westfield. He said Solo Sandeng was their leader.

“We were standing and saw the paramilitary truck coming towards us. When they came, they did not ask any of us and we do not carry any stick or nothing just banners. They beat us like donkeys and took us and throw us in the truck. We were then taken to the PIU Headquarters,” he said.

At the PIU, he further stated, they were taken to a hall and seated on the floor, and their names were written down. He said they then asked Solo Sandeng, Nogoi Njie, Kafu Bayo, Ebrima Jabang and Modou Ngum to stand up and step aside. He said they were taken outside and IGP Sonko ordered them to handcuff and they handcuff them, noting that the then Mayor of KMC Yankuba Colley and Lamin Beyai working at the NIA were present.

He said they were shackled and thrown in the pickup, adding that he and Ebrima Jabang were handcuffed together and put in the truck, adding that the others were also thrown in another pickup. He said the rest were also thrown in another truck, and taken into a hall at the NIA in Banjul, he explained.

Hearing continues.


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