3 Injured After 2 Villages Clashed

By Bekai Njie

At least three people sustained injury the villages of Fass Omar Saho village in the North Bank Region (NBR) and Kerr Mama village in the Upper Nuimi District on Friday clashed.

Abdul Jallow

The injured persons: Abdul Jallow, Absa Njie and Kala Jobe, all from Kerr Mama were involved.

Mr. Jallow was still hospitalised at the Serrekunda General Hospital in Kanifing, a source said.

Police, however, have arrested some youths of Fass Omar Saho village and were currently being detained at the Barra Police Station as investigation into the matter continues. The three people that sustained injured during the clash were rushed to Essau Health Centre for medical attention, according to a source.

The fracas broke when two horse carts belonging to Fass Omar Saho village were spotted in the Kerr Mama Forest, illegally cutting down trees for firewood. “The horse carts were then apprehended and escorted to the village by the youths of Kerr Mama,” a person familiar with the matter said.

“The arrested youths of Fass Omar Saho were told by the Village Development Committee (VDC) of Kerr Mama to pay 500 dalasi for each of the horse carts before the carts could be released as it is part of the village rules,” our source said.

During the course for negotiation of the payment, the source went on, a large number of youths from Fass Omar Saho came with weapons including cutlasses resulting to a fight in which 3 people got injured.I

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