Jammeh, Family Members Urged To Give Evidence Before Janneh Commission

By Bekai Njie

The Janneh Commission has given notice starting from June 25, 2018, that it will begin to hear evidence from former President Yahya Jammeh, his family members, named close associates, and any person or persons who considers themselves adversely affected by the evidence sofar heard before the commission and hear oral argument evidence as against documentary evidence, according to a notice issued by the said commission.

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh

The notice indicated that any person who wishes to call evidence, recall witnesses who have already given evidence before the Commission for cross examination, or make oral arguments in respect of Yahya Jammeh, his family members, named close associates and any person or persons who consider themselves adversely affected by evidence so far led before the commission is required to submit to the secretary to the commission a written request setting out; the names of the witnesses to be presented to the commission; the names of witnesses , persons who wishes the commission to recall for cross examination; and finally any other evidence to be brought to the attention of the Commission.

The notice, however, stated that all request must be submitted before or on the 15th of June, 2018, and admonished that if a request is not acknowledged with regard to any person at that date, the commission would assume that such person  does not intend to present evidence or cross examine in the inquiry.


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