Alleged Gambian Terror’s Nationality Could Not Be Established

By Bekai Njie

Gambian authorities could not find any information in establishing the nationality of Alagie Touray, a presumed Gambian, who allegedly planned to launch attack in Italy on the instruction of IS, a terrorist organisation, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saikou Ceesay

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in concert with the Gambia Immigration Department conducted thorough search on the Passport Printing System (PPS) of the Immigration Department but no information was
found about Alagie Touray,” said the communication officer of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Saikou Ceesay.

Mr. Ceesay said Touray’s Gambian nationality cannot be proven and thus made it relevant for Italian authorities to employ other methods of establishing his nationality, suggesting this could be done
through knowing his place of birth, parents among other things.

He said what was heard of Alagie Touray is not the true genius of Gambians.”Gambians are peace loving, forgiving, tolerant and patient. That’s why this news about someone presumed to be a Gambian came as a

Mr. Ceesay said it is apparent that the former Government gave Gambian nationality to people who do not meet the criteria to be nationals of this country.

In 2013, while a journalist, Mr. Ceesay himself did a story for South China Morning Post in which Gambian authorities were secretly selling Gambian Identity Cards to thousands of Chinese citizens to have permanent residency in The Gambia. This country was a place they have never visited and will never.

It was alleged that the then head of state was benefiting from profit from the Hongkong Immigration Scheme where per person was charged 80,000 Yuan to get Gambian ID Card.


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