NIA Trial: Witness Sobs As He Narrate His Ordeal Under NIA Custody

By Halimatou Ceesay

Modou Ngum the 18th Prosecution witness in the Solo Sandeng Murder Trial involving NIA Officials today 12th June, 2018 sobs before Justice Kumba Sillah Camara of the Banjul High Court as he narrate his ordeal under while under NIA Custody.

Late Solo Sandeng

Testifying before the court, the witness said he did not know the names of those who took Kafu Bayo away from the cell. He said when Solo and Nogoi were brought back to the cell, the conditions they were in was very bad, adding that Solo Sandeng’s body was covered in blood.

He said it was Tamba Masireh who took Kafu Bayo out. He said he heard Kafu Bayo saying the blindfold is tight and he heard them saying to him that they are taking him to Bambadinka to kill him like a dog. He said they were in Bambadinka Cell because he heard them saying the cell is called Bambadinka.

Witness further stated that he did not know when Kafu came back to the cell because that was the time he was taken away.

“When they came for me I was healthy. I heard no injury on my body. I was told to remove my trouser. They asked me to stand then my trouser dropped off because I had no belt on,” he said.

He said he was hold by his neck and turned and they tie a black wrapper around his face and neck. He said his hands were tied behind, blind folded and tied from his knees to his neck by Tamba Masireh.

He added that they told him to die and if he does there won’t be any need to bury him because they (the detainees) are playing with the Government.

“I was beaten in a cruel manner that I lost one of my eyes. I know it was Tamba who tie me because the one on my right said to him “sir Tamba, your phone is ringing” and he responded that he is busy,” he said.

The case continues on 19th June, 2018.

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