IGP To Appear Before Lawmakers Over GFF Fraud Saga

By Bekai Njie

The inspector general of The Gambia Police Force, Landing Kinteh is expected to appear before the National Assembly Select Committee on Tourism, Youth, Sports and Culture to explain why the police failed to investigate The Gambia Football Federation’s tax fraud.

IGP Kinteh

It is alleged that GFF suppose to pay a sum of over one million dalasis to The Gambia Revenue Authority as penalty and tax liabilities.

“The Gambia Police chief is summoned to explain before the select committee members as to why the police failed to conduct an investigation since February of 2018,” our source said.

It’s reported that the National Sport Council (NSC) earlier this year wrote to the National Assembly select committee informing them about the alleged tax fraud involving GFF, however, the Gambia police did little or no effort to probe the matter, compelling the National Assembly to intervene.

“The select committee members advised them to write to the police hence it is about fraud. The police were asked to investigate the matter. The police started investigating the matter in February of 2018. However, to our surprise, the people responsible for the investigation were asked to stop the investigation.”

A source pointed that when pressure was put on the IGP by the said select committee, he told told them that he has written to the Ministry of Justice to seek legal advice with regard to the matter. “So the IGP is summoned to tell the select committee members to explain why the police failed to conduct any investigation into the matter.”



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