Breaking News: IGP Kinteh Resigns

The embattled leader of Gambia’s Police force has tendered his resignation in the wake of Monday’s shooting of unarmed protesters in Faraba Banta village.

IGP Kinteh

Landing Kinteh who was appointed to the job in June last year has been under intense pressure to step aside and allow thorough and independent investigation into the deadly incident.

At least three people have died after armed officers of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) discharged live ammunition on a crowd of villagers, who were protesting against the mining of sand in their village.

Shortly after the incident, IGP Kinteh in attempt to exonerate himself issued a media statement in which he denied giving the officers orders to shoot at the villagers.
Five police officers including two superintendent have been arrested in connection with the killings.

IGP Kinteh is the first head of Gambia’s police in the new administration of President Adama Barrow. He succeeded Jammeh-era IGP Yankuba Sonko.

Prior to his appointment, Kinteh served with the African Union and United Nations hybrid peacekeeping mission in the restive Sudanese region of Darfur.

He reportedly left his lucrative UN contract and return to The Gambia with the intention of professionalising and improving the image of the country’s police.

A master’s degree holder in law from Dan Fodio University in Nigeria, Kinteh served as police prosecutor for several years.

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