President Barrow Announces Plan To Bridge Banjul-Barra

Gambia’s president Adama Barrow has used the first day of his countrywide tour to announced plans to construct a bridge between the country’s capital, Banjul and North Bank Region commercial community of Barra commencing next year.

President Barrow

The distance measuring 7.1 will be the longest bridge in the country when constructed.

The construction of a bridge over the Banjul-Barra crossing has been a discussion since during both Gambia’s first and second leadership but couldn’t materialise.

Mr. Barrow made the announcement Monday at the commencement of his ten constitutionally mandated tour of the country in Essau, North Bank Region.

President Barrow is expected to chair 44 general meetings and spot visits throughout the country during tour. He will also connect and engage first-hand with the members of the public on the government’s development blueprint – the National Development Plan, particularly the President’s priority areas.

“Discussions have reached an advanced stage to construct a bridge over Banjul-Barra crossing that would last for fifty years. The foundation stone will be laid in 2019 and works will take four years to complete,” Mr. Barrow said.

This is the second time of Mr. Barrow’s nationwide tour. The first was days before the 2017 National Assembly Election which many believe was politically motivated as he went to campaign for the UDP that won majority of the seats.

He said the funds have been secured for the construction of 25 boreholes that would provide water supply to 85,000 people across the country. 

According to him, African Development Bank also approved funding for the provision of 60 other boreholes per year in The Gambia.

“In four years, we would deliver 140 boreholes across the country,” he said.

Confident of his development plans for the country, the President urged the citizens to have a checklist to assess his government on his national development plan.

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