Barrow To Electrify Kiang, Jarra

By Bekai Njie

President Adama Barrow has announced a US$200M electrification for the people of Jarra and Kiang in the Lower River Region (LRR), according to State House.

President Barrow

He said that they will be the first to benefit from the implementation of the government’s power roadmap developed a year ago, as he spoke at a recent meeting held at Jarra Soma.

The president explained that the country has also secured a $200million power transmission and distribution funding through the said roadmap, with the objective of countrywide electrification programme.

“Work has begun on the OMVG Hydro-electric power generation, which will set up a station in Soma. This will greatly boost the current national capacity that enables Kombo and Farafenni to enjoy 24 hours power supply; while Basse also enjoys 20 hours today,” he told the meeting.

“Kiang and Jarra have been stagnating for 22 years. You were punished for political views and consistent stance against the dictatorship. Now, it is time you emerge from darkness and enjoy basic amenities like the rest of the Gambia,” the president said.

He added that the region will also enjoy a solar power system alongside the thermal generated one, saying lack of power supply will be a thing of the pass in Kiang and Jarra,” he assured.

The minister of Energy Fafa Sanyang explained that when the new government came, it found most power grids weak and generators dysfunctional, adding they were able to change many in the energy sector.


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