Ousman Bargie Appointed Military Attaché To China

By Bekai Njie

President Adama Barrow has appointed former chief of Defense Staff General Ousman Bargie as military attaché to China.

In a Tuesday press conference at State House, the president said: “We have appointed him (Ousman Bargie), where he should have gone to, we rescinded that but we gave him another position.”

“He will be our military attaché to China, we have confirmed that and we have endorsed it.”

Barrow said the former CDS, like many others have been assigned to various countries for foreign services. He said, in no time the former CDS will depart for his new assignment.

“It will take sooner than later he will go there. We have assigned other CDS to other places like Turkey and other countries like Saudi Arabia so now he will be going to China.”

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