Inmates Hold Guards Hostage At Mile 2

By Bekai Njie

Prisoners under detention at the state central Mile II have held hostage some guards in demand to speak with the Interior minister.

The incident happens Monday when the prison guards on their routine checking opened the door where the prisoners were kept as part of their daily duties.

A source familiar with the matter said they also demanded to speak with director general of The Gambia Prison Services (GPS).

“The prisoners decided to hold them hostage and demanded to speak to Interior minister or the director general of the GPS.”

It is not clear as to what the prisoners wanted to tell the Interior minister or the DG of the GPS. But a source has suggested the remand wing being full to the brim could be a factor.

Our source said that the prison was so full as a result of backlog of cases at the courts.

The spokesperson of the GPS, Momodou Lamin Ceesay, said he was not yet aware of the incident, claiming that he was not at work but promised to call back.

The DG of the GPS was also contacted for comments but could not be reached.

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