Former AG Gomez, Two Others Testify Before The Commission

By Dawda Faye

Former Attorney General and minister of Justice, Edward Gomez, earlier today before the Janneh Commission, went through vigorous questioning posed by Counsel Bensouda in connection to the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Mr Gomez told the Commission that he has been a legal practitioner for 38 years. At this juncture, he was shown a document believed to have been endorsed by him. Another document was also shown to him, which was endorsed by him as well.

Having gone through the documents, he told the commission that he had seen the said documents and the endorsement. He confirmed that he endorsed the documents. He adduced further that he was only presented the documents to endorse them, and he could not tell the commission who gave him the documents to endorse them.

He said from 2010 to 2012 he was the attorney general and minister of Justice, noting that the documents were presented to him by someone from the State House, and that they needed them urgently.

Mr. Gomez testified further that he did not have any relationship with the former president, stating that he was not acting as a lawyer for the former president. He disclosed that circumstances dictated him to do what he had done.

According to him, nobody instructed him to sign the documents, further indicating that he does not know Catherine Tamba. He disclosed that he made a deed of gift for the former president, and that the former president needed the property at Sukuta.

Still testifying, he informed the commission that his understanding was that the former president was going to establish an estate but sold the property to an estate company. He revealed that he did not receive a single butut for signing the documents, stating further that he had no connection to Kairaba Beach Hotel neither did he meet the parties.

Mr. Gomez posited that he did not know why he was selected to sign the documents, indicating that the signing of the documents was not proper because it implied that it was endorsed purportedly by him as the legal counsel.

He said that he never saw again those who asked him to endorse the said documents.

Isaac Mendy of GAMTEL was next to testify on the Gateway management. He was given a document to explain it’s contents. He told the commission that the document was a plan, and it was a transfer of capacity.

Modou Nying, also a GAMTEL member of staff, dwelled on the said document and indicated that MGI had a presence and that they brought documents for them to sign. He disclosed that they had worked with all the gateway managers and there was no restriction.

At this juncture, MGI’s log book and other documents were tendered by Counsel Bensouda and were admitted in evidence.

Mr. Nying finally told the commission that he was aware of BPI, and that MGI installed the tele-switch at Abuko.

Hearing continues.

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