High Court Registrar Reappears Before The Commission

By Dawda Faye

Mariama Ceesay-Mboob, a High Court registrar, earlier today reappeared before the Janneh Commission in connection to a case file between Global Power System and Global Electrical Group. She told the commission that the file contained the writ of summon, plaintiff’s claim, the proceedings and the consent judgment. She informed the commission that the file was closed.

Janneh Commission

Earlier, Counsel Victoria Andrews announced her representation for Muhammed Bazzi and Fadi Mazegi.

At this juncture, Counsel Bensouda applied to tender the file, which was admitted as an exhibit.

Next to reappear was Lamin Touray, the registrar of companies, who was asked to produce some company files.  He told the commission that he was able to find Kanilai Family Farms, Gamveg Oil Company Ltd., Global Reliance, Alfon Gambia Ltd, Kanilai Womi Family Farms, Gamveg Oil Ltd, West Wood Gambia Ltd., Amasa Fishing Company Ltd and Gambia Food and Industry Ltd files.

Mr. Touray informed the commission that he had also brought Gamveg Oil Ltd. memorandum and articles of association, and two copies of transfer of shares, stating further that he brought Gam Oil Company Ltd incorporation certificate and memorandum and articles of association.

He stated that he had brought along Alfon Gambia Ltd incorporation certificate and memorandum and articles of association, noting that Amasa Fishing Company’s memorandum and articles of association was also brought.

He adduced that Amasa Fishing Company and Alfon Gambia Ltd are dormant. He was told by Counsel Bensouda that there were many other companies listed and their files should be submitted to the commission.

Mr. Touray then informed the commission that he found it very difficult to come across the said records, but Counsel Bensouda gave him until the 4th October, 2018, to produce the remaining files.

At this juncture, the documents brought by the witness were tendered by Counsel Bensouda and were admitted in evidence.

The commission will continue sittings on Monday.

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