Dr Janneh Arrested

By Bekai Njie

Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh has been reportedly arrested by the police in connection with Golden Lead – a Chinese sea food company that got its ship neutralised four days ago by The Gambia Armed Forces for illegally fishing in Gambian waters.

In April, Dr. Janneh led a group of environmentalists in Gunjur in protest against the fishing company’s presence in the coastal community who vandalised pipes which they claim were used to expose toxic into the sea killing fishes. He was questioned and released by the police. “He was arrested a while ago by elements of the Gambia Police force at a funeral service of his late uncle right at the Gunjur cemetery,” source said.

Our source also indicated that Dr. Janneh’s arrest and subsequent detention at the Gunjur police station is in relation to his activism against coastal pollution by Golden Lead. He is a Gambian politician with Gambian and American dual citizenship.

In 2012, Dr. Janneh and three others were sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour for treason following their arrest in June 2011 after distributing T-shirts made by the NGO “Coalition for Change – The Gambia” (CCG), which featured the slogan “End to Dictatorship Now.”

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