President Barrow Accused of Bribery

By Bekai Njie

The National member for Fulladou West in the Central River Region honourable Sana Jawara has accused President Adama Barrow of bribing some UDP lawmakers.

Mr. Barrow is accused of paying D10, 000 to each of those lawmakers allegedly involved. His accuser Mr. Jawara, who posted this allegation on his Facebook mentioned no names that Barrow gave the money to.

“It still feels an enigma to know that President Adama Barrow has started paying some parliamentarians D10, 000.00 each month in envelopes for what I don’t really want to know,” he writes.

“I never felt so dishonored and disgraced,” Mr. Jawara writes.

“It is either a true assessment of Dr. Ismaila Ceesay to argue that the president is clueless, or that president is foolhardy to strike the biggest insult on our democracy. It is insane for any President to directly give money to any legislator, period!!!” Mr. Jawara further writes.

He said for whatever reason, there are more pertinent issues worth addressing than giving NAMs handouts.

“Poor Gambians are stagnant with no significant change in their lives or businesses since the  uprooting a dictatorship, faced with pitiable standards of living, dilapidated public services and prices of essential goods and services hiking every day.” (sic)

The NAM for Kantora District in the Upper River Region, denied receiving the D10, 000. “I want to make it clear that I didn’t receive any bribe from the President,” he said. “People should be very careful of such allegations without any evidence or prove to show. Gambians should be very careful of such allegations more especially when it comes to bribery.”

The lawmaker for Kombo South, Lamin Sanneh, equally denied receiving the D10, 000 from the President. “I receive a call from one Lamin Cham at State House to come and receive D10, 000.00 but I declined.”

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