Janneh Commission On Break

By Dawda Faye

Mrs. Ramatoulie Sarr the Secretary to the Janneh Commission today informed journalists that the commission is currently on break until further notice. However, she did not give any reason (s) as to why the commission was not sitting.

Consequently, she requested the contact details of reporters attached to the commission to inform them when the commission shall resume.

Surahata Janneh

Readers would recall that the said commission was set up by the new government to probe into the financial dealings of the former president, his close associates and family members. Since its inception in July, 2017, several witnesses including former public servants, heads of parastatal, business tycoons, military personnel, managers from commercial and government banks, as well as private citizens testified and made startling revelations as to how monies were allegedly looted.

The commission also embarked on numerous site visits in the urban area and the provinces, including the birth place of the former president, Kanilai. During the course of the visits, the commission discovered that the former president owned a ranch of cattle, dormitories furnished with fascinating furniture, Sindola Safari Lodge, a fish pond and a ware house filled with farm implements, fertilizer, as well as scrapped caterpillars, to name a few.

However, the recent visit at his native village revealed that former president Jammeh kept a bag of gold coins, folios from The Gambia Ports Authority etc. It was also brought to the attention of the commission by investigators that his military aide, General Saul Badjie, also had eight properties, one of which was being taken care of by Aisha Fatty, who testified before the commission, claiming that she owns the said property situated at Bijilo.

Mrs. Natalie Gomes-Ceesay, who was the 253rd  witness, also testified in connection to a property situated at Kololi and was transferred to her by the former president, according to her.

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