Research Shows Most Gambians Trust Barrow

By Bekai Njie

A research conducted by Afrobarometer a Pan African non-partisan survey research project and its Gambian affiliate, the Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies (CepRass) revealed that majority of Gambians still have confidence in President Adama Barrow.

The findings showed that majority of Gambians, 67 percent still have confidence in President Barrow’s eadership. The report called: The Gambia Afrobarometer Round 7 Findings released last week at Kairaba Beach Hotel, also shows Gambians’ perception on Trust and Corruption in institutions in the country.

Respondents were asked, how much do you trust each of the following or haven’t heard enough about them to say?

President Barrow came third among the top three of the most trusted, with 67% of Gambians saying they perceived him to be a trusted leader but behind Traditional and Religious Leaders. The Traditional Leaders occupied second position with 71% and the Religious Leaders with 85%, making them the most trusted leaders in the country.

While 67% of respondents perceived the president to be trusted, 19% say they trust him just a little, however, 10% say they don’t trust the president at all and 4% say they do not know.

Dr. Ismail Ceesay a political science professor at the University of The Gambia and the lead researcher said the data provided is invaluable to the government, saying it should serve as a guide as it gauges the public opinion about their government.  He said other countries spend a huge amount of money to conduct such surveys as it creates an opportunity for the government to keep performing well if it is perceived to be and make better policies to improve on its shortcomings.

The fieldwork for Round 7 in The Gambia was conducted between 23 July and 12 August 2018 and 1,200 Gambian adult citizens across the seven regions participated.

In a side interview with a person who wants to remain anonymous said; “it would have been very interesting had this survey been conducted few months ago when the president was alleged to have given D10, 000 to parliamentarians for favours which I don’t know.”

A greater number of Gambians, 65%, also say they trust the Army, National Electoral Commission 64%, the Courts 63% as well as Members of Parliament 61%.

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